N. Christoffersen

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The change in diameter of retinal vessels as a function of increasing distance to the optic disc is believed to be indicative of the risk level of various vascular diseases such as generalised arteriosclerosis and Diabetes Mellitus. In particular, focal arteriolar narrowing (FAN) is considered related to arteriosclerosis. The aim of this work is to develop(More)
PURPOSE To describe the phenotype and genotype of patients with a diagnosis of oligocone trichromacy (OT). METHODS Six unrelated patients had a detailed ophthalmic examination including color vision testing, a Goldmann visual field test, fundus photography, and full-field electroretinography (ffERG). Five patients also underwent multifocal (mf)ERG,(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate comorbidity before and after the diagnosis of branch retinal vein occlusion to determine whether it is a consequence of arterial thickening and therefore could serve as a diagnostic marker for other comorbidities and to evaluate the risk factors for the development of such occlusion. DESIGN Case-control study with prospective(More)
We present a methodology for extracting the vascular network in the human retina using Dijkstra's shortest-path algorithm. Our method preserves vessel thickness, requires no manual intervention, and follows vessel branching naturally and efficiently. To test our method, we constructed a retinal video indirect ophthalmoscopy (VIO) image database from(More)
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