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This paper presents the single-event upset characterization of a commercial field programmable gate array (FPGA) using electron radiation. FPGA radiation test results under high energy electrons are described and the dependence between electron energy and SEU cross section is highlighted. A technological cross section is performed to evaluate the back end(More)
MEX Experience Module is a part of CARMEN2 instrument launched in June 22 2008 aboard JASON2 satellite. This scientific instrument is dedicated to the study of the effects of space radiation environment on various electronic devices. Among all the phenomena studied in this experiment, this paper focuses on the data collected on destructive SEEs: Latch-up on(More)
SDRAM devices exposed to radiation environment are subject to Single Event Upset. In-flight observations and SEU characterizations highlight an increase of SEU sensitivity on SDRAM devices. This behavior is induced by a higher SEU occurrence on some addresses of the memories. This effect is observed as weakened cell generated by energetic particles on(More)
Linear electronic device radiation hardness is a major constraint for space application design. The part robustness to cumulated dose is evaluated thanks to ionizing dose deposition and displacement damage. When those effects are studied separately, the ionizing dose degradation is usually measured under <sup>60</sup>Co gamma irradiation, whereas the(More)
Space or military electronic components are subject to both electromagnetic susceptibility and ionizing dose. Synergy effects should therefore be considered at early stages of component design. This paper deals with the susceptibility to high frequency signals in the 600 MHz&#x2013;1 GHz frequency range of electronic voltage comparators subject to ionizing(More)
This paper reports on the impact of single event gate rupture and post-irradiation gate stress on Power MOSFETs switching ability. A dedicated setup has been developed and presented in this paper. The data showed that devices can switch after Single Event Gate Rupture. Failure of energy conversion system does not depend on gate current of the device but its(More)
The Switched Dose Rate technique is investigated when devices do not exhibit ELDRS. Experimental data and modeling results are presented and discussed in terms of hardness assurance. It is shown, for devices that do not show ELDRS, that a time is required before the switched devices reach the LDR curve. As a solution, it is proposed to apply an annealing(More)
CARMEN is a CNES scientific equipment able to measure electron and proton fluxes and to detect radiation effects on electronic devices. SEU rates for two SSRAM devices on board the CARMEN1 and CARMEN2 experiments are investigated. SEU induced by trapped protons are studied for CARMEN2 whereas the impact of the March 2012 solar flare is studied for CARMEN1.(More)