N. Chang

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Central to capturing a trip is knowing where you were, and when you were there. Combining continuous path data with media (Path-Enhanced Media or PEM) offers substantial advantages over the previous approach of tagging individual media with time and location. Prototype systems , collectively called PathMarker, are used for gathering , editing, presenting(More)
Tagging digital media, such as photos and videos, with capture time and location information has previously been proposed to enhance its organization and presentation. We believe that the full path traveled during media capture, rather than just the media capture locations, provides a much richer context for understanding and " reliving " a trip experience,(More)
Alternative respiration pathway (AP) is an important pathway which can be induced by environment stresses in plants. In the present study, we show a new mechanism involving the AP in nitrogen deprivation-induced tolerance of Poa annua callus to salt stress. The AP capacity markedly increased under a 600 mM NaCl treatment or nitrogen deprivation pretreatment(More)
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