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This paper proposes a power management strategy for parallel inverters based dg system. PV, Fuel cells are considered as the two DG units for this system. Generally Inverter based micro grids plays a key role in accommodating the growth of electricity needs due to this, controlling of inverter is essential, basic droop control methods are conventionally(More)
A utility interface converter is one of the key components in the hybrid power systems. This Paper addresses a novel three phase interleaved bi directional power converter circuit for economical solar, wind & battery hybrid power system (HPS). HPS consists of both AC and DC networks connected together by three phase interleaved bi directional converter(More)
This paper proposes a new queuing technique in Adaptive Multi-Path routing based on packet priority. Simultaneous Multi-Path routing is used to improve the data performance over a congested network. The traditional method of transmitting the data is done by using Simultaneous Multi Path Communication (SMPC). Two types of SMPCs are proposed, in which SMPC-I,(More)
This paper evaluates the performance of a grid connected hybrid system. The hybrid system consists of a Photovoltaic (PV) array and a Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). Two operation modes, the unit-power control (UPC) mode and the feeder-flow control (FFC) mode, can be applied to the hybrid system. The objective of the paper is to coordinate the(More)
Received Apr 4, 2017 Revised May 9, 2017 Accepted Jun 30, 2017 This paper proposes a power management strategy of parallel inveters based system, to enhance the power generation capacity of the existing system with distributed energy sources one has to choose DG source based inverter connected in parallel with the existing system.Two DG sources PV, Fuel(More)
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