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The Drosophila Hsr-omega puff, one of the largest heat shock puffs, reveals a very unusual gene, identified by heat shock but constitutively active in nearly all cell types. Surprisingly, Hsr-omega yields two transcription end-products with very different roles. The larger, omega-n, is a nuclear RNA with characteristics suggesting a new class of nuclear(More)
We have constructed a portable needle-free drug injection (NFI) device based upon a custom voice-coil linear actuator. Our actuator is optimized to provide high instantaneous force (>200 N) and power (4 kW) while still allowing a total stroke of 25 mm. The actuator is relatively inexpensive, compact, and lightweight, allowing it to serve as the force(More)
The transposable elements HeT-A and TART constitute the telomeres of Drosophila chromosomes. Both are non-long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposons, sharing the remarkable property of transposing only to chromosome ends. In addition, strong sequence similarity of their gag proteins indicates that these coding regions share a common ancestor. These(More)
The cardiac ventricular myocyte is a key experimental system for exploring the mechanical properties of the diseased and healthy heart. Millions of primary myocytes, which remain viable for 4-6 h, can be readily isolated from animal models. However, currently available instrumentation allows the mechanical properties of only a few physically loaded myocytes(More)
Needle-free drug delivery by jet injection is achieved by ejecting a liquid drug through a narrow orifice at high pressure, thereby creating a fine high-speed fluid jet that can readily penetrate skin and tissue. Until very recently, all jet injectors utilized force- and pressure-generating principles that progress injection in an uncontrolled manner with(More)
Telomeres from Drosophila appear to be very different from those of other organisms. A transposable element, HeT-A, plays a major role in forming telomeres and may be the sole structural element, since telomerase-generated repeats are not found. The structure of the HeT-A element, deduced from cloned fragments of DNA, suggests that transposition of the(More)
The Drosophila melanogaster Hsr-omega locus produces a nuclear RNA containing > 5 kb of tandem repeat sequences. These repeats are unique to Hsr-omega and show concerted evolution similar to that seen with classical satellite DNAs. In D. melanogaster the monomer is approximately 280 bp. Sequences of 19 1/2 monomers differ by 8 +/- 5% (mean +/- SD), when all(More)
The development of new therapeutics and the desire to reduce the frequency of needle stick injuries, overcome the improper reuse of needles, improve compliance, and reduce the prohibitive cost of disposal have fueled resurgent efforts to develop alternative drug delivery methods. This report discusses the use of a controllable Lorentz-force actuated(More)
We present a new method for needle-free powdered drug injection via a bench-top gas-powered device. This injector provides an alternative method of vaccine delivery to address the cold chain problem--the cost and risk of transporting temperature sensitive vaccines to developing countries. The device houses interchangeable nozzle inserts to vary orifice(More)