N. Catalan Lasheras

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The LHC insertions will be equipped with individually powered MQM superconducting quadrupoles, produced in three versions with magnetic lengths of 2.4 m, 3.4 m, and 4.8 m. The quadrupoles feature a 56 mm aperture coil, designed on the basis of an 8.8 mm wide Rutherford-type NbTi cable for a nominal gradient of 200 T/m at 1.9 K and 5390 A. A total of 96(More)
Individually powered superconducting quadrupoles with a coil bore of 70 mm will be installed in the LHC insertions, in areas where increased geometrical acceptance and improved field quality are required. The quadrupoles feature a four-layer coil, designed on the basis of two graded 8.3 mm wide Rutherford-type NbTi cables. The magnets have a magnetic length(More)
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