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Clinodactyly in 10 fingers (9 patients) with longitudinally bracketed diaphysis (LBD) was treated surgically with various methods. In 4 cases with LBD in the middle phalanx of a triphalangeal thumb this phalanx was removed and the ligaments reconstructed. In the other 6 digits the LBD was in the base phalanx of a thumb or in the middle phalanx of some other(More)
  • N Carstam
  • Bulletin of the Hospital for Joint Diseases…
  • 1984
Two cases of a rare anomalous muscle in the forearm, palmaris profundus, are described. In one case, symptoms were caused by the median cutaneous palmar branch which crossed the tendon at a point where it could easily be traumatized by different movements of the wrist. In the other, the tendon was an incidental discovery in one wrist of a patient with a(More)
A kindred with an unusual congenital hand and foot anomaly is presented. It is an autosomal dominant hereditary disorder characterized by brachymesophalangia, slight clinodactyly, deformed metacarpal heads, osteochondritis dissecans in metacarpophalangeal joints, absence or hypoplasia of the ulnar styloid processes, and brachyhypophalangia in the feet.