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BACKGROUND The reproductive hormone inhibin has been used as a diagnostic marker of ovarian mucinous and granulosa cell cancers. The aims of this study were to develop a new inhibin immunofluorometric assay (alphaC IFMA) to replace an inhibin RIA as a diagnostic marker of these ovarian cancers and to assess whether the alphaC IFMA in combination with CA125,(More)
Stressors of graduate psychology training remain relatively unexplored. The Psychology Student Stress Questionnaire (PSSQ) was developed to assess the impact of emotional, financial, and academic stressors of graduate psychology training on students. The PSSQ was administered, along with the Symptom Check List-90-R and the Health and Daily Living Form, to(More)
In a previous study (see Ref.7), the molecular weight distribution of inhibin activity in fractionated human follicular fluid (hFF) and human male and female plasma/serum was determined by in vitro bioassay using ovine pituitary cells in culture and various specific inhibin A and inhibin alpha-subunit-directed immunoassays. It was shown, however, that the(More)
Inhibin immunoassays with a sufficiently broad specificity to detect all alpha subunit-containing forms are of value in detecting and monitoring various ovarian cancers. Assays to date with this specificity are not readily amenable to wide diagnostic application. The objective of this study was to develop a sensitive two-site ELISA using alpha(More)
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