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Poliovirus-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies were prepared against type 1, type 2, and type 3 wild laboratory (Mahoney, MEF1, and Saukett) and Sabin vaccine strains. Fifty-five poliovirus laboratory strains and field isolates were assayed by neutralization index test with a panel of homotypic monoclonal antibodies. A total of 27 monoclonal antibodies were(More)
Improvements of serological techniques allow seroepidemiologic surveys of cytomegalovirus infections. Intrauterine contamination is not unfrequent (1%) but pathological consequences of these infections in the fetus had only been observed after primary infections of the mother. Infections in the first days of life are frequent. The mother is almost(More)
Hybridomas secreting neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (MA) against type 1 poliovirus were developed by fusion of mouse myeloma cells with splenocytes of immunized mice. Strain-specific MA selected for their capacity to neutralize wild (Mahoney) or attenuated (Sabin, LSc 2ab) poliovirus strains were used for identification of field isolates. A simple and(More)
Using indirect haemagglutination assay, combined with a collection of blood samples on blotting cards, seroepidemiological surveys of cytomegalovirus infections during early infancy have been done in different populations (French and immigrant) in urban areas. The comparison of CMV antibody status of mothers and their children at 10 months and at 2 years of(More)