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Using AFLP technology and a recombinant inbred line population derived from the sorghum cross of BTx623 × IS3620C, a high-density genetic map of the sorghum genome was constructed. The 1713 cM map encompassed 2926 loci distributed on ten linkage groups; 2454 of those loci are AFLP products generated from either the EcoRI/MseI or PstI/MseI enzyme(More)
Object: The measurement of different urine components and their changes over time may provide comprehensive and early information about perinatal metabolic processes and physiological changes. We hypothesized that 1 H−NMR-spectroscopy generating a complex spectral profile without pre-selection of urinary metabolites could identify metabolites determining(More)
A simple and rapid gas chromatographic procedure was developed for determining low concentrations of propionate added as a preservative to bread. A bread sample to be analyzed was ground in a meat grinder with a 3 mm hole plate and finely divided by rubbing through a No. 8 sieve. The propionate was then extracted into 0.050M formic acid in a blender at low(More)
Context: In today's sport settings, the athletic trainer is often the first member or the health care team with whom the athlete interacts. Delivery of patient care can be improved by increasing patient/athlete satisfaction.Objective: To evaluate the satisfaction collegiate student-athletes had with their athletic trainer(s) and the athletic training(More)
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