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The Mini PAS-ADD is an assessment schedule for psychiatric disorders in people with an intellectual disability. It is designed to provide a link between the mental health expertise of psychiatrists and psychologists, and the detailed knowledge of individual service users possessed by support staff. In broad terms, the aim of the Mini PAS-ADD is to enable(More)
This paper describes the development of the PAS-ADD, a semistructured clinical interview for use specifically with patients with learning disabilities, based on items drawn from the PSE. The PAS-ADD includes a number of novel features including: parallel interviewing of patient and informant; a three-tier structure to provide a flexible interview(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between dietary supplement use during pregnancy and birth outcomes. DESIGN A prospective birth cohort. SETTING Leeds, UK. SAMPLE One thousand two hundred and seventy-four pregnant women aged 18-45 years. METHODS Dietary supplement intake was ascertained using three questionnaires for the first, second and third(More)
The Psychiatric Assessment Schedule for Adults with Developmental Disability (PAS-ADD) is a semi-structured interview for use with respondents who have learning disability and for key informants. This report investigates the ability of the instrument to detect symptoms that had been found to exist during routine clinical assessment of the patients. Field(More)