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Northern mid-latitude forests are a large terrestrial carbon sink. Ignoring nutrient limitations, large increases in carbon sequestration from carbon dioxide (CO2) fertilization are expected in these forests. Yet, forests are usually relegated to sites of moderate to poor fertility, where tree growth is often limited by nutrient supply, in particular(More)
We define the tracial Rokhlin property for actions of finite cyclic groups on stably finite simple unital C*-algebras. We prove that the crossed product of a stably finite simple unital C*-algebra with tracial rank zero by an action with this property again has tracial rank zero. Under a kind of weak approximate innerness assumption and one other technical(More)
We measured the xylem sap flux in 64-year-old Taxodium distichum (L.) Richard trees growing in a flooded forest using Granier-type sensors to estimate mean canopy stomatal conductance of the stand (G S). Temporal variations in G S were investigated in relation to variation in vapor pressure deficit (D), photosynthetic photon flux density (Q o), and the(More)
We compared sap-flux-scaled, mean, canopy stomatal conductance (GS) between Picea abies (L.) Karst. in Sweden and Pinus taeda (L.) in North Carolina, both growing on nutritionally poor soils. Stomatal conductance of Picea abies was approximately half that of Pinus taeda and the sensitivity of GS in Picea abies to vapor pressure deficit (D) was lower than in(More)
We prove the following results for a unital simple direct limit A of recursive subhomogeneous algebras with no dimension growth: (1) tsr(A) = 1. (2) The projections in M∞(A) satisfy cancellation: if e ⊕ q ∼ f ⊕ q, then e ∼ f. (3) A satisfies Blackadar's Second Fundamental Comparability Question: if p, q ∈ M∞(A) are projections such that τ (p) < τ (q) for(More)
We investigated effects of nutrition and soil water availability on sap flux density, transpiration per unit leaf area (EL), and canopy stomatal conductance (GS) of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. (Karst.)) in northern Sweden during the 1996 growing season. Our objectives were to determine (1) if artificially imposed drought (65% rain diversion) reduces soil(More)
Hyaluronic acid (HA), an abundant non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan component of the extracellular matrix, has applications in drug delivery, tissue engineering and as an ingredient in cosmetics. HA preparations containing high-molecular-weight polymers are also used in the treatment of inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and interstitial cystitis.(More)
We prove that every simple higher dimensional noncommutative torus is an AT algebra. A higher dimensional noncommutative torus is the universal C*-algebra generated by unitaries which commute up to specified scalars. Thus, it is a generalization of the rotation algebra A θ to more generators. The commutation relations are determined by a real skew symmetric(More)
Beagle2 [1] as part of the ESA Mars Express mission [2] will be launched in June 2003. The primary science goal of Beagle2 is to search for the presence of life on the planet with the aid of a sophisticated package of scientific instruments [3]. These include mass, Mössbauer and X-ray spectrometers, a microscope, stereo camera system (SCS), and environment(More)