N C Kierniesky

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Wistar rats were trained to suppress completely a lever response for food reward during 60 sec of light (CS). After suppression was acquired, deflection of an omnidirectional bar would terminate the CS and prevent shock. An FR schedule to omnidirectional bar pressing to CS termination was acquired by three of nine experimental Ss. Control animals (N = 3),(More)
General anxiety and evoked imagery of death as a person were measured in 75 male Catholic college students and seminarians. College students most frequently described death as a macabre figure, and seminarians mostly conceived death as a wise and sympathetic individual. Hither anxiety was more characteristic of college students than seminarians.
The naturalistic fallacy occurs when a person reads a report of scientific research and concludes that the moral implication of the research was included in the article when, in fact, it was not. For example, the fallacy is committed when a study contains the conclusion that TV advertising increases preference for sugar-based foods, but the reader later(More)
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