N. C. K. Bentzen

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BACKGROUND The aims of this study were to describe alcohol use among Norwegian teenagers and investigate the associations between mental health problems and alcohol intoxications with focus on age and gender. METHODS Population based, cross-sectional survey addressing all adolescents aged 13-19 years, attending secondary or high school in North -(More)
Based on established physiological mechanisms, the paper presents a detailed computer model, which supports the hypothesis that temporal lobe epilepsy may be caused by failure of glutamate reuptake from the extracellular space. The elevated glutamate concentration causes an increased activation of NMDA receptors in pyramidal neurons, which in turn leads to(More)
BACKGROUND Both early alcohol debut, behavioural and health problems are reported to enhance adolescence substance use. This prospective study investigate the influence of behavioural and health problems on adolescents' alcohol and drug use. METHOD Prospective population based cohort study of 2 399 adolescents attending the Young-HUNT study, aged 13-15 at(More)
OBJECTIVES Examining the associations between health and lifestyle factors recorded in the participants' early teens and development of suicidal thoughts recorded 4 years later. DESIGN Population-based prospective cohort study. SETTINGS All students in the two relevant year classes in Nord-Trøndelag County were invited, 80% attended both waves of data(More)
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