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In the present study, the Cole-cole plot of lens tissue has been drawn using AC impedance system (EG and G PARC Model 318) in the frequency range 10 mHz to 10 Hz at low voltage stress. The impedus locus between real part (Z') and imaginary part (Z") of complex impedance of lens was examined. Results showed that the extracellular resistance (Re),(More)
It has been universally delineated that the plasmonic metal nanoparticles can enhance the efficiency of photovoltaic cell by increasing the probability of energetic solar photons capturing phenomena using localized surface plasmonic resonance response. In this paper, we developed a novel in-situ simple approach to synthesize noble plasmonic silver(More)
The complex electrical impedance of a goat eye lens is studied in the frequency range 10 mHz-10 Hz at room temperature, using a computer-controlled AC impedance system. AC impedance software (model 368, version 2.2) is employed to determine the total impedance and capacitance of the eye lens at various frequencies. A Cole-Cole plot of the eye lens material(More)
A computer assisted AC impedance system is used to measure the DC voltage-current (V-I) characteristics and AC impedance of a goat eye lens using a two-probe Ag-AgCl electrode system. The measurement of the V-I characteristics shows that when a DC voltage from 0 mV to 30 mV is applied, the resultant current decreases from an initial value of 0.58 microA to(More)
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