N C Fransen Daalmeijer

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This study shows that the clinical performance and reproducibility of the cobas 4800 HPV test for high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) detection fulfill the criteria as formulated in international guidelines of HPV test requirements for cervical screening purposes. Accordingly, the cobas 4800 HPV test can be considered clinically validated for cervical(More)
In one geographical area, 14 high-risk human papillomavirus types in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN2/3; n=139) and cervical squamous cell carcinoma (SCC; n=84) were analysed. HPV18 was more prevalent in SCC than CIN2/3 (OR 9.8; 95% confidence interval: 2.5-39). Other high-risk types prevalences corresponded in CIN2/3 and SCC. Evaluations using(More)
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