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Angioleiomyomas are rare smooth-muscle tumors that occur anywhere in the body. We present the case of a 46-year-old woman with a 3-year history of a painless angioleiomyoma in the right-hand fourth web space with the typical histologic features of tortuous vascular channels and thick muscular walls. In the 39 cases of angioleiomyoma of an extremity treated(More)
Infected lower extremity bypass grafts have been associated with high rates of limb loss. Traditionally treatment has included graft excision. To compare aggressive local treatment, without graft removal, with more conventional graft excision, we reviewed 38 consecutive patients with 39 infected lower extremity bypasses treated during the last 10 years. The(More)
Our experience with Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS), a rare congenital malformation, has increased considerably in recent years and now includes 144 patients (65 male and 79 female patients). Hemangioma was present in 137 patients (95.1%), varicosity in 110 (76.4%), and hypertrophy of the soft tissues or bones in 134 (93.1%). In most patients (71.5%) the(More)
Between 1974 and 1992, 32 patients with pathologically diagnosed angiosarcoma of the head and neck were evaluated at our institution. The primary treatment group consisted of 24 patients who had the initial diagnosis made or confirmed at our institution, and the other 8 patients formed the salvage group. There were 23 men and 9 women. The median age in the(More)
Squamous-cell carcinoma arising from a pilonidal sinus tract is an unusual complication of a common condition. Approximately 36 cases of carcinoma related to pilonidal disease have been reported in the literature. Wide excision with tumor-free margins has yielded five-year disease-free states in 55 percent of patients. Recurrence rates have been 44 percent(More)
Surgical treatment of lower extremity sarcoma often requires complete resection of muscle compartments resulting in disabling functional loss. Free muscle transfer has been used to restore function of the face and upper extremities, but few reports exist describing functional restoration of a lower extremity. A case report of a 21-year-old man requiring(More)
Forty-five patients (36 male and nine female) were treated for postpneumonectomy empyema. All were initially managed with the first stage of the Clagett procedure (open pleural drainage). In 28 patients with associated bronchopleural fistula the fistula was closed and reinforced with muscle transposition at the time of open drainage. Seven patients had(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the results of transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous (TRAM) flap reconstructions of the breast. DESIGN We retrospectively reviewed 147 consecutive cases of TRAM reconstructions of the breast performed at the Mayo Clinic between 1981 and 1992. MATERIAL AND METHODS The median patient age was 47 years, and the median duration of(More)
Local vessels are occasionally unsatisfactory donor choices for vascularized tissue transfer in extremity reconstruction. Construction of a temporary arteriovenous loop facilitates not only tension-free anastomoses outside the zone of injury but also affords vascular distention at physiological pressures, an opportunity to verify vein graft patency before(More)