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Local vessels are occasionally unsatisfactory donor choices for vascularized tissue transfer in extremity reconstruction. Construction of a temporary arteriovenous loop facilitates not only tension-free anastomoses outside the zone of injury but also affords vascular distention at physiological pressures, an opportunity to verify vein graft patency before(More)
Our experience with Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS), a rare congenital malformation, has increased considerably in recent years and now includes 144 patients (65 male and 79 female patients). Hemangioma was present in 137 patients (95.1%), varicosity in 110 (76.4%), and hypertrophy of the soft tissues or bones in 134 (93.1%). In most patients (71.5%) the(More)
A maxillectomy defect creates a communication from oral cavity to nasal cavity that may extend to the orbit. Functional deglutition and speech problems with a significant soft tissue deficit ensue. This paper defines the reconstruction options for the spectrum of inferior partial maxillectomy defects to midface-orbital exonerations. Treatment protocols from(More)
Squamous-cell carcinoma arising from a pilonidal sinus tract is an unusual complication of a common condition. Approximately 36 cases of carcinoma related to pilonidal disease have been reported in the literature. Wide excision with tumor-free margins has yielded five-year disease-free states in 55 percent of patients. Recurrence rates have been 44 percent(More)
Nipple-areolar necrosis is a known and expected complication in a small percentage of patients undergoing subcutaneous mastectomy, especially with concomitant mastopexy or in smokers. Impending ischemia or congestion of the areola can often be ameliorated by simple maneuvers such as suture release. When full-thickness necrosis occurs, conservative(More)
OBJECTIVE The objectives of this study were to determine whether the combination of complex tumor-ablative surgery and microvascular free tissue transfer reconstruction delays the onset of postoperative radiation therapy, whether free tissue transfers are lost after a course of radiation therapy, and what patterns of tumor recurrence and survival rates are(More)
The utility of pedicled muscle flaps transposed into the thoracic cavity to reconstruct complex intrathoracic defects has been well documented. However, in some patients, local chest-wall muscles have already been either sacrificed or transected by previous thoracotomies and are not available for reconstruction. In these patients, we have successfully(More)
Between 1974 and 1992, 32 patients with pathologically diagnosed angiosarcoma of the head and neck were evaluated at our institution. The primary treatment group consisted of 24 patients who had the initial diagnosis made or confirmed at our institution, and the other 8 patients formed the salvage group. There were 23 men and 9 women. The median age in the(More)