N. Boopala Krishnan

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More and more digital images and video are being captured and stored. In order to use this information, an efficient retrieval technique is required. One major development in this area is content based image retrieval techniques which use image features for image indexing and retrieval. The main features used for image retrieval are color, texture and(More)
The use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is estimated to bring enormous changes in data gathering, processing and distribution for different environments and applications. However, a WSN is a powerful controlled system, since nodes run on limited power batteries. Prolong the lifetime of sensor networks depends on efficient management of sensing node of(More)
Scheduling is very important in real time environment, where users must be provided services by considering factors like QoS and channel quality. A novel analysis on the performance of downlink packet scheduling algorithms in Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks is presented. LTE with multimedia traffic is modelled with Network Simulator (NS-3) in compliance(More)
We propose and detail a system called multipersona Hypovisors for providing light-weight isolation for enhancing security on Multipersona mobile devices, particularly with respect to the current memory constraints of these devices. Multipersona Hypovisors leverage Linux kernel cGroups and namespaces to establish independent process container, allowing(More)
A neuro-fuzzy image segmentat ion is proposed in this paper. The given image is clustered by using Fuzzy-C-Means algorithm which is an unsupervised approach. Combining this unsupervised clustering to a neural network with unsupervised learning will lead to unreliable segmentation. Therefore, in the proposed work the labels obtained from clustering through(More)
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