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IGCC (Integrated Gasification and Combined Cycle) plants are among the most advanced and effective systems for electric energy generation from refinery residuals and are becoming more and more popular in many regions worldwide. From a control perspective, IGCC plants represent a significant challenge: complex reactions, highly integrated design and variable(More)
The paper aims at describing an application of virtual sensors successfully implemented on a crude unit in the Raffineria di Milazzo refinery. The quality predictions are obtained employing state-of-the-art neural network technology, seamlessly embedded in the e xisting distributed control system. After a brief overview about project goals and process(More)
With a large number of oil and gas fields becoming mature, the Upstream industry is facing a new challenge: how to increase, or at least stabilize, production while maintaining available reserves at their present level. As a matter of fact, unstable production in multiphase production systems and pipelines can cause serious and troublesome operational(More)
Energy is a key component of people's quality of life and an essential element for " driving " economies. Nowadays, we are totally dependent on an abundant and uninterrupted supply of energy for living and working. It is a key ingredient in all sectors of modern economies But energy consumption is inseparably linked with environmental impact issues: the(More)
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