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Phenytoin crystals having different types of habits, were prepared by recrystallization from ethanol and acetone solutions under different conditions (cooling rate or crystallization temperature, solvent evaporation and watering-out techniques). Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray powder diffractometry, FT-IR spectrometry and differential scanning(More)
Ibuprofen was microencapsulated with Eudragit RS using an o/w emulsion solvent evaporation technique. The effects of three formulation variables including the drug:polymer ratio, emulsifier (polyvinyl alcohol) concentration and organic solvent (chloroform) volume on the entrapment efficiency and microspheres size distribution were examined. The drug release(More)
Aspirin ethylcellulose microcapsules were tableted by compression with or without excipients (lactose or polyvinylpyrrolidone [PVP]). The effects of the amount of the excipients and microcapsule size on the crushing strength and release rate of aspirin from tableted microcapsules were investigated. Tablets without excipients had a crushing strength that was(More)
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