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The techniques to be described in this paper are generally applicable to any time domain, parallel fault, digital logic simulation system. The particular implementation was done on the CC-TEGAS3 system and quoted results are from this system. The first technique to be considered provides accuracy of fault simulation when using assignable nominal delays for(More)
This paper describes the design and development of a very large Fortran simulation program. This discussion includes; the data structure, drive mechanism, and event scheduling for a time-based digital simulation system that could handle functional level models of logical devices. Five different types of functional modules are likely to be specified: a)(More)
Modularity and data hiding have been considered important software engineering concepts in the design of large software systems. Program modularity deals with the partitioning of a large program into small subprograms, namely modules performing one conceptual function. Such partitioning helps to decrease the complexity of a large system. A module being(More)
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