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A Hungarian patient with short-lasting, unilateral, neuralgiform headache attacks with conjunctival injection and tearing (SUNCT) is presented in this paper. This male patient was first diagnosed as having first division trigeminal neuralgia. The location and duration of the attacks and the prominent accompanying autonomic features on the symptomatic side,(More)
Reproducibility and normal variation of cephalic warm and cold detection thresholds were investigated in three healthy subject groups. The face, the mastoid process, and the hands were studied. No significant intra-observer test-retest difference (n = 20) was found. Good reliability (intra-class correlation coefficient [ICC] > 0.4) was found for 13 of 14(More)
STUDY DESIGN An anatomic study of the peripheral nerves innervating the occipital region. OBJECTIVES To study the topography of the extracranial occipital nerves, to define optimal locations for anesthetic nerve blockades, to provide guidelines to use with the suboccipital surgical approach, and to search for structures with putative pathogenetic(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the normal variation in greater auricular nerve (GAN) conduction and anatomical course. MATERIALS AND METHODS GAN nerve conduction was studied in 77 healthy adults while 17 GANs were dissected in 10 cadavers. RESULTS The largest sensory nerve action potentials (SNAP) were recorded when the stimulator was placed 6 or 7 cm from the(More)
Thermal thresholds were measured in the face (first and second trigeminal area), over the mastoid process (C2-3 area), and in the hands in patients with migraine (n=17), cluster headache (n=22), and cervicogenic headache (n=20). Significant symptomatic versus nonsymptomatic side differences were generally not found for any headache group. Cluster headache(More)
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