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The substrate specificity of procaryotic and eucaryotic AppppA-degrading enzymes was investigated with phosphonate analogues of diadenosine 5',5'''-P1,P4-tetraphosphate (AppppA). App(CH2)ppA (I), App(CHBr)ppA (II), and Appp(CH2)pA (III), but not Ap(CH2)pp(CH2)pA (IV), are substrates for lupin AppppA hydrolase (EC and phosphodiesterase I (EC(More)
It is demonstrated here that rat liver DNA polymerase beta catalyzes the pyrophosphorolysis reaction with pyrophosphate (PPi) and its analogues. The substrate specificity of the PPi-binding site of several DNA polymerases was investigated. It was discovered that the ability of DNA polymerases to utilize PPi analogues instead of PPi in the pyrophosphorolysis(More)
The model substances 2'(3')-O-[N-acetylmethionylaminomethylene-(P-methyl)phosphino] ester of adenosine-5'-phosphate, pA-(AcMetGlyP), and N-acetylmethionylaminomethylene-(P-methyl) phosphinoamide of phenylalanine, AcMetGly P PheOH, were synthesised. They were used for the ribosomal catalysis studying.
The interaction of a number of ATP analogs with a modified triphosphate moiety as well as 2-chloro-ethyl-amino derivatives of nucleotides, 4(N-2-chloroethyl-N-methylamino)-benzyl-gamma-amide of ATP and the corresponding ADP beta-amide with acetyl-CoA carboxylase (EC from rat liver has been studied. Halophosphonate derivatives of ATP have been(More)
The acylamino acid esters of nucleoside 5'-phosphates are synthesized via condensation of N-(N'-acylaminoacyl) imidazoles with nucleoside 5'-phosphates. The PMR and CD spectra of the esters obtained are studied. The 3'-isomers of the substances under study are observed to have a shift in the conformational N in equilibrium S equilibrium of the carbohydrate(More)