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ACTH, a prolonged action hormone, in a dose of 2.5 mu. was injected into guinea pigs daily for 5-35 days. The adenylate cyclase activity of the crude adrenal membrane fraction and the activity of cAMP-dependent protein kinases in the cytoplasmic fraction were determined. Cyclic changes in the basal and stimulated adenylate cyclase activities occurring with(More)
A significant number of patients with colorectal cancer have metastases (MTS) to the liver. Cytoreductive surgery (CRS) and new antitumor drugs provide promising results. The aim of the study was to evaluate clinical results of CRS in combination with modern antitumor drug irinotekan (kampto). Forty-seven patients suffering from colorectal cancer with MTS(More)
Trace amounts of labelled pregnenolone were added to the slices of veriliscent tumor from human adrenal gland in order to study the stepwise conversion of the steroid into androstenedione, 11betaOH-androstenedione and their intermediats--17-alpha-OH pregnenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone, progesterone, and 17-alpha-OH-progesterone. The definite sequence was(More)
The state of adenylate and guanylate cyclases in the adrenals, suprarenal fat and ventricular myocardium of the rat was studied under conditions of chronic administration of ACTH or cortisol. By the end of ACTH injections the weight of the adrenals and the DNA content in them increased 6 and 3 times, respectively; both parameters showed a gradual increase.(More)