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Transverse epidemiologic study of work conditions and health state among workers of Civil Aviation Department Running Radiotechnic and Communication Equipment revealed higher relative risk for arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease, occurrence of these diseases in younger age in individuals exposed to electromagnetic rays of ultra high frequency(More)
The authors briefly present data on state of hygienic regulation of electromagnetic fields in Russian Federation and abroad, describe differences in criteria and approaches to regulation. Based on data analysis, the authors suggest possible harmonization of national and foreign norms and prospective research trends in assessing biologic influence and(More)
In experiments with ablation of the forebrain dorsal cortex in turtles it has been established that this structure plays a significant role in first solving of an extrapolation task (6-19 times) and looses its integrating role at multiple test solving (40-195 times). The obtained data testify to the presence of two types of animals adaptive behaviour in(More)
Theoretical and experimental dosimetry can be used for adequate evaluation of the effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. In view of the tough electromagnetic environment in aircraft, pilots' safety is of particular topicality. The dosimetric evaluation is made from the quantitative characteristics of the EMF interaction with bio-objects depending(More)
The article covered results of studied hygienic regulation of occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields for preservation of workers' health. Examples of examined professionals who run radar, navigation and communication means in civil airports proved adequacy of the approaches applied. The authors formulated prospective directions to further improve(More)
Physical factors of occupational environment and surroundings (noise, vibration, non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, microclimate, etc) frequently could be considered stressing hazards, as cause marked functional changes in cardiovascular and nervous systems, in hematologic, immune and cytochemical values. These changes demonstrate adaptation and(More)
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Review of standards show that many countries still have no hygienic regulations concerning the electric and magnetic fields of commercial frequencies. National standards have been developed by only a few countries. In a number of countries guidelines for protection from the electric fields have been elaborated with the magnetic component disregarded.(More)
High-power broadband electromagnetic pulses of nanosecond range duration have been found to adversely affect the health status and working capacity of electric charge plant operators. A system of measures to protect the workers from exposure to such pulses, which is based on the hygienic regulation of the exposure, has been implemented.