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Power spectral density is one of the possible feature extraction methods to identify differences in the brain electrophysiological processing in children with dyslexia. Known to be a neurological disorder, dyslexia causes learning deficiencies mostly related to reading, although research has shown that writing problems also poses significant challenge and(More)
The ability to acquire, identify and represent the knowledge that a human expert has about a particular domain is a powerful key method in the development of a knowledge-based computer system. This paper demonstrates a methodology for acquiring and analyzing data based on semi-structured interview responses conducted upon human experts. Human experts are(More)
Sensitivity is an important element of a sensing process, and it is part of the open-loop gain of the sensor. This makes it a strong inverse relationship between sensitivity and bandwidth for any class of sensors. The geometrical of the accelerometer, mass width, beam (length and width) of the device and its sensitivity are analyzed theoretically and also(More)
A big challenge in many face detection applications is how well faces can be reliably detected. An increasing number of algorithms have been published and many such face detectors have been made publicly available in the form of open source applications, such as the OpenCV classifiers. In this work, we attempt to compare four frontal face OpenCV classifiers(More)
Image assessment continues to be a topic of intense research over the last decades. Researchers have presented many image attributes and proposed countless computational methods for the image assessment. In this work we define an image attributes measurement method for quantifying frame interestingness. The attributes are used for the purpose of obtaining a(More)
Symptoms of dyslexia such as difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition, and/or poor spelling as well as decoding abilities, are easily misinterpreted as laziness and defiance amongst school children. Indeed, 37.9% of 699 school dropouts and failures are diagnosed as dyslexic. Currently, Screening for dyslexia relies heavily on therapists,(More)
EEG Signal has been used to identify the brain activity involved during writing for children with dyslexia. Conventionally, the MRI and PET were used to analyse the brain activity of children diagnosed with dyslexia. EEG signal has non-stationary and complex characteristic. Since Wavelet Packet Decomposition technique has orthogonality property that can(More)
Due to the fact that the ambient vibration sources are random and unpredictable, the design of energy harvesters responding to multi-frequency is desirable. In this paper, an array lead zirconate titanate (PZT) thick-film cantilevers were designed and fabricated to demonstrate the possibility of harvesting vibration energy from different frequencies. Two(More)
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