N B Kaltreider

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Sixty-one women who sought treatment for unresolved grief reactions 4 months to 3 years after the death of their husbands were randomly assigned to either brief dynamic psychotherapy with experienced clinicians or mutual-help group treatment led by nonclinicians. Women in both groups experienced a reduction in stress-specific and general symptoms as well as(More)
Measurement of complex modifications in personal functioning is a necessary step to the relevant translation of psychotherapy research into clinical practice. Using an assessment strategy aimed toward decreasing subjective bias, we pursued an inductive clinical approach in constructing the Patterns of Individual Change Scales (PICS) battery. Designed for(More)
This report provides data on symptom levels by using group means as well as categories of clinical relevance as they change over the course of treatment and also examines change "beyond symptoms" as levels of adaptive functioning. This approach allows a more comprehensive analysis of change in a series of patients with pathological grief reactions treated(More)
The initial report of the Patterns of Individual Change Scales battery presented the rationale, development, and conceptualization of this measurement package. Empirical data supported the reliability and validity of the scales as measures of patient characteristics that extended beyond the symptomatic domain. This article presents more extensive(More)
Careful clinical formulation describing the dimensions of core neurotic conflicts is integral to the practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy. Therefore, a method for reliable and valid formulation is a necessary precursor for the empirical investigation of the impact of such therapy. Our study evaluated a method of outcome assessment based on clinical(More)
The authors propose that the most effective recruitment strategy is a strong psychiatric curriculum positioned as a relevant and integral part of undergraduate education for primary care physicians. The necessary ingredients are educational leadership by the chair, a multifaceted curriculum, shared teaching with generalists, and an emphasis on gender and(More)
In this study of adults presenting with symptoms of pathological grief after the death of a parent, there was a frequent pattern of strain on a current love relationship. The attempt to master negative views of the self, precipitated by loss of the parent, through reenactment with the significant other was prominent. Psychotherapy offered an opportunity to(More)
The authors report on a longitudinal study that involved the interviewing and testing of 33 young women volunteers who chose either contraception (N=18) or tubal ligation (N=15) to achieve infertility. They found that for these women the choice to be childless was multidetermined, persistent over time, and ego-syntonic. Comparison with other samples of(More)
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