N. B. Hj. Ahmad

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Transmission control protocol (TCP) is a transport protocol designed specifically for wired Internet. In wireless ad hoc network, changes in topology can occur frequently and unpredictably which leads to packet loss and delay. TCP misinterprets that condition as congestion and it reacts by reducing the transmission rate and causes the performance to degrade(More)
The traditional pessimistic lock-based concurrency control mechanism which focuses on the data’s consistency and the transactions’ concurrency cannot meet the demand that the intime database systems make on the temporal consistency. This paper presents a new concurrency control method which is based on the locking, multi-version and single phase commit(More)
This paper develops a software reliability growth model with fault detection and fault correction process which incorporates Burr Type XII testing-effort based on non-homogeneous Poisson process. Software fault detection and fault correction capability of the proposed model is evaluated through the numerical experiments using actual software failure data.(More)
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