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The mean operator R0 and its dual R0 play an important role and have many applications, for example, in image processing of the so-called synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data [11, 12] or in the linearized inverse scattering problem in acoustics [6]. Our purpose in this work is to define and study integral transforms which generalize the operators R0 and R0.(More)
The mineralization of a new azo dye - the (4-amino-3-hydroxy-2-p-tolylazo-naphthalene-1-sulfonic acid) (AHPS) - has been studied by a novel electrochemical advanced oxidation process (EAOP), consisting in electro-Fenton (EF) oxidation, catalyzed by pyrite as the heterogeneous catalyst - the so-called 'pyrite-EF'. This solid pyrite used as heterogeneous(More)
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