N. Arnal

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3D stacking of die with TSV (through Silicon Via) connection as well as wafer level packaging of CMOS image sensors (CIS) are becoming very hot topics. While TSV of CIS is definitively a back-end technique, 3D stacking of die through TSV can be done with different strategies: from the via first approach, a front-end process, to the via last approach, a(More)
Gene expression in plant mitochondria involves a complex collaboration of transcription initiation and termination, as well as subsequent mRNA processing to produce mature mRNAs. In this study, we describe the function of the Arabidopsis mitochondrial stability factor 1 (MTSF1) gene and show that it encodes a pentatricopeptide repeat protein essential for(More)
Biography Michel Puech is the Application Manager of the Micro Machining Systems Product Group with Alcatel Vacuum Technology France. He joined Alcatel Vacuum Technology France in 1981 as graduated engineer of INSA of Toulouse, France. Michel Puech has been involved in the development of three generations of Plasma Etching Systems for the past 22 years and(More)
Nuclear restorers of cytoplasmic male fertility (CMS) act to suppress the male sterile phenotype by down-regulating the expression of novel CMS-specifying mitochondrial genes. One such restorer gene is Rfo, which restores fertility to the radish Ogura or ogu CMS. Rfo, like most characterized restorers, encodes a pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) protein, a(More)
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