N. Andrew Peterson

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In this paper we describe the construction of an online GIS database system, hosted by WorldFish, which stores bio-physical, ecological and socio-economic data for the 'Coral Triangle Area' in South-east Asia and the Pacific. The database has been built in partnership with all six (Timor-Leste, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Solomon Islands and Papua(More)
Bolbometopon muricatum, the largest species of parrotfish, is a functionally important species that is characterised by the formation of aggregations for foraging, reproductive, and sleeping behaviours. Aggregations are restricted to shallow reef habitats, the locations of which are often known to local fishers. Bolbometopon muricatum fisheries are(More)
Overview There were high rates of peer victimization and co-occurrence between different types of peer victimization among young children with disabilities. One-quarter to one-third of preschool and kindergarten children with disabilities experienced some form of peer victimization in school. These results suggest the urgent need to provide bullying(More)
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