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Sequences encoding DUF1220 protein domains show the most extreme human lineage-specific copy number increase of any coding region in the genome and have been linked to human brain evolution. In addition, DUF1220 copy number (dosage) has been implicated in influencing brain size within the human species, both in normal populations and in individuals(More)
  • B.H. Mulsant, D. Blumberger, P. Lespérance, F. Aminzadeh, A. Byszewski, L. Lee +79 others
  • 2014
Background/Discussion: The DSM-5 was published in May 2013 after six years of literature reviews, input from experts, field trials, secondary data analyses, and public commentary. Changes were guided by clinical utility (e.g., decreasing diagnosis of over-inclusive diagnoses; drawing attention to under-recognized conditions; reducing stigma); research(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the risk of pneumothorax during CT-guided fine-needle aspiration (FNA) of lung nodules with single needle and coaxial needle techniques and to assess the effect on diagnostic accuracy of immediate cytological examination of lung FNA samples. MATERIALS AND METHODS This prospective study analysed 53 patients undergoing transthoracic FNA(More)
With the current push towards using fewer antipsychotics and more non-pharmacological interventions in long-term care, it has become increasingly important for knowledge and best-practice sharing across the province. The " Good Ideas " project began in 2001 in the context of my work as a Royal Ottawa geriatric psychiatry behavioural support outreach nurse(More)
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) has reduced the impact of acute and late toxicities associated with head and neck radiotherapy. Treatment planning system (TPS) advances in biological cost function based optimization (BBO) and improved segmentation techniques have increased organ at risk (OAR) sparing compared to conventional dose-based optimization(More)
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