N. Anand Kumar

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OBJECTIVE Our objective was to determine the typical distribution of thrombi in acute lower extremity deep venous thrombosis as a means of evaluating the validity of imaging techniques that only include the common femoral and popliteal veins, but not the superficial femoral vein. MATERIALS AND METHODS The results of 2704 lower extremity venous sonograms,(More)
A novel algorithm for detecting and tracing extended target using projection curves analysis and correlation tracking based on the maximum matching pixel count (MPC) criterion is presented. First, the projection curves of the difference image of two consecutive frames are analyzed to find the approximate areas of moving target on the entire scenes. Then(More)
A transgenic animal as originally defined by Gordon and Ruddle (1981), is an organism carrying recombinant molecules that were intentionally introduced by human intervention. Classically this entailed the stable integration of the transgene within the host animal’s genome and its transmission to progeny through normal breeding programmes. Transgenic chicken(More)
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