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1. In accordance with the dual histology of Auerbach's plexus (Dogiel, 1899; Hill, 1927) two types of neurone can be shown to be humorally active in plexus-containing preparations of longitudinal muscle from guinea-pig ileum, taken at measured distances up to 95 cm above the ileocaecal valve, when such preparations are stimulated electrically under(More)
1. Field stimulation of desheathed preparations of guinea-pig vas deferens, treated with a ganglion-blocking agent, has revealed the presence of two tetrodotoxin-susceptible components in the motor response, suggesting the existence of two sets of post-ganglionic motor nerve fibres of different excitability: one set responding maximally to pulses of 0.1-0.4(More)
1. Using field stimulation with short trains of pulses (< 10 per train), the post-ganglionic motor transmission in the mammalian vas deferens has been further analysed pharmacologically.2. In preparations taken from guinea-pigs, rats and rabbits the effects of the indirectly sympathomimetic drugs, tyramine and cocaine, could be explained entirely on the(More)