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The relationship between diabetes mellitus and hypacusia has been discussed since the work of Jordao, in 1857. Numerous authors are openly pro this viewpoint, whereas other deny it. The hypoacusis is typically bilateral, progressive and of neurosensory nature, affecting the higher frequencies. In the etiologic aspect some authors bet for an angiopathic(More)
The possibility of clinical employment of nervous allografts depends on the likehood of its storage and also of the need of decreasing its antigenecity. We report our methodology for cryo-preservation and storage of nervous grafts, in view of animal experimentation as well as a re-examination of other methods in order to remember grafts storages done in(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this study is to assess the feasibility of peripheral nerve allografts pretreated utilizing cold storage and cyclosporin A to improve the facial nerve regeneration in Wistar rat. Three groups were designed: Normal Wistar rats. 4 millimeters nerve gaps repaired with cryopreserved nerve allografts. 4 millimeters nerve gaps repaired with(More)
The AA. after sever the facial nerve trunk of Wistar mice (so interrupting its path owing to the loss of about 4 mm of its anatomical continuity) repair the faulty portion with several grafts, and 4 months later consider the gained results achieved in each of the following parameters: functional, morphological, biochemical and electrophysiological and,(More)
Nerve trunk gaps can be repaired with different anastomosis methods. We investigate if spontaneous regeneration can yield results similar to artificial repair, and have compared the degree of nerve regeneration in nerve defects of extratemporal facial nerve trunk in Wistar rats. The lesions measured 4 millimeters long. Three groups were studied: 0. Normal(More)
An experimental model was developed for the purpose of investigating neural regeneration of the facial nerve in Wistar rats. The anatomic references used to locate the facial nerve at its exit from the skull base are described. A detailed description of the microsurgical anastomosis of cryopreserved nerve allografts is given. The major advantages and(More)
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