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Although many theoretical models of sympatric speciation propose that genes responsible for assortative mating amongst incipient species should be associated with genomic regions protected from recombination, there are few data to support this theory. The malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, is known for its sympatric cryptic species maintained by(More)
Tiffs paper reviews methods for minimal, adaptive and deadlockfree routing. Some are based on the direct construction of a buffer graph. The other ones consist in deriving a minimal, adaptive and deadlock-free routing function fl from a function f a priori given. The methods are compared and applied to a set of usual regular topologies. 1. I n t r o d u c t(More)
Adamo, J.M., N. Alhafez, J. Bonneville, C. Bonello, P. Moukeli and L. Trejo, Developing a software interface for the dynamically reconfigurable SuperNode multiprocessor, Future Generation Computer Systems 8 (1992) 183-189. A software interface for SuperNode is presented which is based on a virtual machine that allows dynamically reconfigurable programs to(More)
We use the Grid environment to seek a minimum for a potential function, coming from the physics of string theory, involving many parameters. This 'parallel' computing helps to reduce the time of computation enormously. One run, when fixing the different parameters in the function, lasts for between 3 to 20 hours, and hence the application needs, when run on(More)
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