N. Alagumurthi

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The tolerance allocation problem has been studied in the literature for decades, usually using mathematical programming (or) heuristic optimization approaches. Elegant tools for minimum cost tolerance allocation have been developed over several decades but still there is no specified tool to find the total cost with respect to machining cost and asymmetric(More)
Heat pipes are heat transfer devices that enhances large amount of heat which works on the principle of evaporation and condensation of a working fluid. Inspite of wide application of heat pipe in microelectronics cooling system the trend of the chips performance and power utilization has been increased each year and a complete understanding of mechanism(More)
Rapid changes in the market place have led designers and manufacturers to continuously develop new products to satisfy the demands of more exigent customers. Therefore, to be competitive, designers and manufacturers have to perform those steps accurately to ensure final Product quality and manufacturing cost. So Product quality and manufacturing cost have a(More)
In this paper, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has been used to predict the equivalent flexural strength of hybrid mesh and fiber reinforced cement-based composites (HMFRCBC). Three ANN models (Models 1, 2 and 3) were developed for predicting the flexural strength of cement-based composites. Model 1 used 48 data of the previously published data of the(More)
Thin plates are subject to several imperfections (including dents) which reduce the ultimate strength of plates. In this work, nearness effect of two short dents of same size on the ultimate strength of a thin square steel plate is numerically investigated. Dents are modeled on the FE surface of the undented plate by varying the location and orientation of(More)
Tolerances have a significant impact on manufacturing cost and product quality. In the design of discrete part shapes, the specification of tolerance constraints can have major consequences for product quality and cost. Traditional methods for tolerance analysis and synthesis are time consuming and have limited applicability. A more scientific approach is(More)
Dimensional distortion occurs due to the thermal and transformation stresses formed during the heat treatment processes. Taguchi and Factorial design of experiment concepts were applied to optimize the operating variables involved in the gas carburising and induction hardening processes so as to minimize the geometrical distortions. Experimental data(More)
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