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This Letter reports on a systematic study of β-decay half-lives of neutron-rich nuclei around doubly magic (208)Pb. The lifetimes of the 126-neutron shell isotone (204)Pt and the neighboring (200-202)Ir, (203)Pt, (204)Au are presented together with other 19 half-lives measured during the "stopped beam" campaign of the rare isotope investigations at GSI(More)
88 Ra and 215 89 Ac following the projectile fragmentation of a 1 A.GeV 238 U beam by a 9 Be target at GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionen-forschung. The fragments were separated in the fragment separator (FRS) and identified by means of energy loss and time-of-flight techniques. They were brought to rest at the centre of the RISING gamma-ray detector(More)
The shell structure of atomic nuclei is associated with 'magic numbers' and originates in the nearly independent motion of neutrons and protons in a mean potential generated by all nucleons. During β(+)-decay, a proton transforms into a neutron in a previously not fully occupied orbital, emitting a positron-neutrino pair with either parallel or antiparallel(More)
The analysis of the data obtained in 2008 [1] for neutron deficient nuclei produced by fragmentation of a 124 Xe beam has progressed. Here we concentrate on the decay properties of 100 Sn, of which we identified about 250 ions. The time distribution of decay events after 100 Sn im-plantation in the same or neighbouring of the 1mm 3 pixels of the(More)
The neutron-rich lead isotopes, up to (216)Pb, have been studied for the first time, exploiting the fragmentation of a primary uranium beam at the FRS-RISING setup at GSI. The observed isomeric states exhibit electromagnetic transition strengths which deviate from state-of-the-art shell-model calculations. It is shown that their complete description demands(More)
β decays from heavy, neutron-rich nuclei with A ∼ 190 have been investigated following their production via the relativistic projectile fragmentation of an E/A = 1 GeV 208 Pb primary beam on a ∼2.5 g/cm 2 9 Be target. The reaction products were separated and identified using the GSI FRagment Separator (FRS) and stopped in the RISING active stopper. γ decays(More)
This study is aimed at the determination of the activity concentrations of naturally occuring and technologically enhanced levels of radiation in 34 representative soil samples that have been collected from an inshore oil field area which was found to have, in a previous study, the highest observed value of 226Ra concentration among 129 soil samples. The(More)
Si. took part in the preparation and the beam times and commented on the final paper. 1 The shell structure of atomic nuclei is associated with magic numbers and originates from 2 the nearly independent motion of neutrons and protons in a mean potential generated by all 3 nucleons. During beta decay, induced by weak interaction, a proton (neutron) in an(More)
66 epjconf EPJ Web of Conferences 4 66020 43 This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract. The region of neutron-rich nuclei beyond 208 Pb has been very difficult(More)