N A van der Velden

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Inspired by the desire to find an objective selection criterion which might be useful notably in borderline cases of hip dysplasia, 1265 sets of radiographs, taken on 1128 pedigree Rottweilers, have been assessed for 12 particulars of the joints; three subevaluations as well as a final score (FS) have been obtained for each individual involved. The data so(More)
A discussion of certain aspects of leukism and deafness as well as the possible relationship between the two, based on a study of the literature on cats, dogs, mink, mice and man. This is followed by some preliminary communications on personal studies in Dalmatians, Bull Terriers and Rottweilers. The paper concludes with some notions on genetic aspects.
The introduction to this report contains a description of the development of breeds of domestic animals. The change-over from natural to artificial selection gives rise to disturbances of morphological, physiological and behavioural traits. The origine, incidence and diagnosis of heritable defects in various canine breeds are discussed. On this basis two(More)
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