N. A. Zakaria

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Various extracts of local marine red algae, Acanthophora spicifera were evaluated for antioxidant activity, total phenolic content and in-vitro toxicity. The antioxidant activity was measured using DPPH (1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhidrazyl) method, while Folin-Ciocalteu method was used for the total phenolic content. The cytotoxicity of the extracts were(More)
The present study aims to study the antibacterial potentiality and phytochemistry constituents of hexane extract of Acanthophora spicifera from Malaysian water. It includes the evaluation of hexane extract for antibacterial activity using disc diffusion method, MIC, MBC and composition study using GC-MS analysis. The results revealed a potential(More)
The inhibitory effect of the Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC 13883 strain caused by the hexane extract of Halimeda discoidea (Nor Afifah et al., 2010) was further evaluated by means of the microscopy view and its growth curves. The morphological changes of the K. pneumoniae ATCC 13883 cells were observed under the scanning electron microscope (SEM) and(More)
This paper presents the study of electromagnetic interference effect from power line noise in Malaysia to electrocardiograph (ECG) signal. The study includes the design of ECG circuits that is used to eliminate the power line noise from the signal. The ECG system basically is a combination of instrumentation amplifier, high pass filter, low pass filter, and(More)
The clutter model for ultra high frequency (UHF) band for forward scatter radar (FSR) is developed in this paper using Log-Logistic distribution. The model follows maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) approach in finding the parameters for the distribution as well as root mean square error (RMSE) of the data between the clutter signal and statistical model(More)
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