N. A. Thompson

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OBJECTIVES To empirically evaluate a minimal therapist contact CD-ROM pain management program for recurrent pediatric headache developed as part of this study. METHODS Participants were 37 children aged 7-12 attending a pediatric neurology clinic for evaluation of recurrent headache. Children who were randomly assigned to the treatment group worked(More)
Evidence is mounting that personality is associated with health and well-being in humans and other animals. In a step towards increasing our understanding of this link, we applied regulatory focus theory, a motivational perspective from social psychology, to the behavior of zoo-housed cotton top tamarins. We tested whether regulatory focus "personality,"(More)
We describe a simple method for the affinity purification of specific RNA-binding proteins. DNA sequences corresponding to the protein-binding site of the RNA are subcloned into an in vitro transcription vector between the T7 viral promoter and a poly(A) track. A polyadenylated RNA transcript is bound to poly(U)-Sepharose and subsequently incubated with a(More)
Meta-analytic studies have shown that mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) has relatively negligible effects on cognitive functioning at 90 or more days post-injury. Few studies have prospectively examined the effects of MTBI in acute physical trauma populations. This prospective, cohort study compared the cognitive performance of persons who sustained a(More)
BACKGROUND Persons with moderate to severe TBI are at increased risk for unintentional injury or harm in the home and community; however, there is currently no standard measure of safety risk they face now and in the future. OBJECTIVE To develop comprehensive and content valid scales and item pools for assessing safety and risk for persons with moderate(More)
The enrollment of ethnically diverse populations in genetic and genomic research is vital to the parity of benefits resulting from research with biological specimens. Herein, we discuss strategies that may effectively improve the recruitment of African Americans into genetics studies. Specifically, we show that engaging physicians, genetic counselors, and(More)
We are looking forward to talks, poster presentations, and discussions over the entire span of fields of dynamics and nonlinearity. For over thirty years, the Dynamics Days conferences have been a forum for presenting the latest developments on all matters nonlinear. Initiated by Robert H. G. Helleman in the mists of time, this is the 33rd US meeting, and(More)
Hereditary breast cancers have unique clinicopathological characteristics. Therefore, the objective of this study was to establish the relationship between self-reported family history of cancer and clinicopathological features in breast cancer patients from Washington, DC. Data on incident breast cancer cases from 2000 to 2010 were obtained from the(More)
Twenty-five years have passed since the publication of Primate Societies (Smuts et al. 1987). In that time primatology has changed a great deal in its theoretical underpinnings , its technical possibilities and methods, the nature and extent of its empirical scope, and sadly, in the status of its subjects in the wild. Intended as a follow-up synthesis of(More)
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