N. A. Teplits

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13. L. Bellamy, Infrared Spectra of Complex Molecules, Wiley, New York (1958) [Russian translation, Moscow (1963), pp. 590-593]. 14. E . A . Bed'mina and N. M. Furer , in: Multivolume Handbook of Microbiology, Clinical Practice, and Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, Vol. 4 [in Russian], Moscow (1964), pp. 602-605. 15. L D. Vladimirova and N. N.(More)
Indolylalkylamines (5-HT, 5-chlorotryptamine, 5-ethyltryptamine) suppress or block the progesterone-induced oocyte maturation in Bufo viridis and Xenopus laevis and disturb cytoskeletal rearrangements associated with oocytes involved, together with the other transmitter systems, in modulation of progesterone effect.
The intensity of oxygen consumption and the activity of cytochrome oxidase have been studied in the homogenate, mitochondria and nuclei of the limb muscle tissue in axolotls after the suppression of regenerative ability by X-irradiation and its experimental restoration. Under the suppression of regenerative ability, the oxygen consumption was inhibited. The(More)
The resu l t s a re evidence that growth of HAPC in mice is accompanied not only by a leukemoid response of myeloid type [4], but also by atrophy of the thymus, act ivat ion of Tand B-dependent zones in the regional ips i la te ra l and con t ra la te ra l LN, with p rese rva t ion of the usual s t ruc tu re of distant LN (mesenter ic LN and P e y e r ' s(More)
logical media ts highly sens i t ive and convenient. However , it is not ve ry specif ic for the separa te d e t e r ruination of sydnocarb and metabol [ tes of c lose ly r e l a t ed s t ruc tu re s . As has been noted above, the p o l a r ographic wave of sydnocarb co r re sponds to the reduct ion of the sydnoneimine r ing. Under cer ta in condit ions ,(More)
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