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  • N A Rango
  • American journal of public health
  • 1984
This study describes exposure-related hypothermia deaths in the United States from 1970 to 1979. Mortality risk from hypothermia increases with age; at all ages, non-White men are at highest risk and White women at lowest risk. Counts of deaths from hypothermia based on information from death certificate data may be understated. Effective social(More)
How much treatment should be given elderly patients with dementing illness is controversial. Nursing home care should be based on palliation, rehabilitation, and the control of coexisting illness. Ethical standards are advanced from the principle that the life and well-being of the demented nursing home resident should be protected. The decision to forego(More)
This paper examines the curricular response of colleges and universities to conflict among scientific and medical experts regarding the application of professional knowledge and technical expertise to public policy and patient care. Two types of interdisciplinary science programs now exist on many campuses: those that attempt to increase the "scientific(More)