N A Ostrikova

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The effect of various nitrogen sources on cellulase biosynthesis by the mutant strain Trichoderma viride 44 was examined. This strain may utilized nitrogen in the nitrate, ammonium of organic form. When cultivating this strain, it appears advantageous to add to the nutrient medium yeast and yeast lyzates as well as their mixture with ammonium sulfate.(More)
A mutant characterized by elevated biosynthesis of alpha-amylase was obtained as a result of a three-stage induced selection using nitroso compounds. Changes of mutagens in the course of selection stages and the establishment of their effective doses causing the maximum accumulation of mutations yielded the mutant which produced 2.5 times more alpha-amylase(More)
A mutant strain of Trichoderma viride producing cellulase has been obtained as a result of three-stage selection using chemical and physical factors. New variants with modified characteristics appeared after the action of nitroso compounds on a suspension of conidia at the first stage of selection and the action of temperature at the second stage. The new(More)
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