N. A. Murad

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This paper presents a compact slotted microstrip patch antenna for RFID applications. The antenna is designed to operate at 2.40-2.45 GHz using the Computer Simulation Technology (CST) software. The proposed antenna is designed and fabricated using Flame Retardant 4, FR4 substrate with the design specification dielectric constant (&#x03B5;<sub>r</sub>) of(More)
Received Feb 15, 2017 Revised Apr 22, 2017 Accepted May 7, 2017 This paper proposes metamaterial (MTM) inspired frequency reconfigurable antenna based on thecircular electric field coupled (ELC) resonator. It is composed of circular shape ELC resonator with the radius size of 7 mm. By inserting two switches between the gaps at both side of the circular ELC(More)
Monopole antenna is widely used in many communication systems especially in broadcasting where omnidirectional pattern allow the 360-degree coverage. However, at low frequency the conventional design may require miniaturization to fit in versatile spaces. Thus, this paper discusses a low cost, compact CPW-fed curved meander line monopole antenna (MLMA)(More)
A metamaterial electromagnetic wave absorber consisting of a big circular ring patch with four smaller suppression circular rings is presented in this report. The metamaterial electromagnetic wave absorber introduces the concept of size reduction by suppressing the resonance frequency. An FR4 substrate was used and the incidental wave angles were varied(More)
This paper presents the investigation carried out on electrical near-field enhancement of a perturbation slit of a rectangular radiating nanostructure. The operating frequency is defined at thermal radiation spectrum from 20 THz to 40 THz. Single and two identical perturbation slits are introduced at the center of the nano structure. It was found that the(More)
A hybrid dielectric resonator with patch antenna is investigated in this paper. The design employed the dielectric-resonator-on-patch (DRoP) concept by using the proximity coupling to reduce the total size occupied and increase the bandwidth of the antenna. Computer Simulation Technology (CST) Microwave Studio is used to design and simulate the hybrid(More)
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