N A Miroshnichenko

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The mode of expression of the overlapping genes of the triple block positioned internally in potato virus X (PVX) RNA was examined. The results of In vitro translation of synthetic RNA transcripts and natural PVX-specific methylmercuric hydroxide-denatured dsRNAs suggest that the 25K protein is expressed as a single translation product of the 2.1 kb(More)
Two double-stranded DNA copies of the genes potentially coding for the 7-kDa proteins of potato virus M (PVM) and potato virus S (PVS) were synthesized and cloned into T7 transcription vectors. Cell-free translation of the corresponding monocistronic transcripts yielded in both cases a single protein of approximately 7-8 kDa that contains a highly(More)
The 5'-untranslated leader sequence of potato virus X (PVX) RNA (63 nucleotides apart from cap-structure) consists of two sub-sequences referred to as alpha-sequence (41 nucleotides with no G) and beta-sequence (42 nucleotides upstream from the first AUG). Computer-based folding predictions suggest that the 5'-proximal region of alpha beta-leader is(More)
A differential temperature treatment (DTT) of infected plants ensured a partial synchronization of the process of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) infection. The "infectious entity" enters (and spreads to) basal areas of the upper noninoculated leaves held at low temperature, and then to a distal part of these leaves and basal sites of the lower leaves. The(More)
Translation arrest of genomic potato virus X (PVX) RNA promoted by complementary oligodeoxynucleotides in Krebs-2 cell-free system is described. 14-15 mer oligodeoxynucleotides complementary to the 5'-proximal cistron of PVX RNA were shown to induce specific truncation of the major non-structural polypeptide coded by PVX RNA. Evidence is presented that(More)
Translation of synthetic potato virus X (PVX) RNAs was examined in Krebs II ascite cell extracts and rabbit reticulocyte lysates. Either full-length or subgenomic RNAs produced by in vitro transcription of cDNAs cloned in the T7 promoter vectors were used. Full-length PVX RNA-transcript directed the synthesis of a large polypeptide which was(More)
The double-stranded DNA copy corresponding to the 5'-nontranslated alpha beta-leader of potato virus X (PVX) genomic RNA (positions -3 to-85 according to AUG initiator) was chemically synthesized and fused to the transcription plasmids containing three different reporter genes: neomycinphosphotransferase type II (NPT II) gene, Bacillus thuringiensis(More)
A new type of informosome-like virus-specific ribonucleoprotein (vRNP) differing from mature tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) particles in buoyant density and structure was found in TMV-infected cells (Yu. L. Dorokhov, N. M. Alexandrova, N. A. Miroshnichenko, and J. G. Atabekov, 1983, Virology 127, 237-252). Two groups of TMV ts mutants were used to discover(More)
A ribonucleoprotein fraction (vRNP) of a characteristic buoyant density greater than the buoyant density of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) particles has been isolated from infected tissue by Cs2SO4 density gradient centrifugation. The vRNP particles appear to be TMV specific because they are synthesized in the presence of actinomycin D and have RNAs identified(More)
Virions of bean mild mosaic virus (BMMV) are built of 180 subunits of a single protein species of MW 40 x 10(3) [coat protein CP], packed into a T = 3 surface lattice. The capsomers on the five-fold symmetry axes protrude 2-3 nm from the particle surface. The virions encapsidate genome-size [approximately 4,200 nucleotides (nt)] as well as some(More)