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  • N. A. Lili
  • 2009
Content-Based Video Retrieval System is fairly recent and it is currently necessary to examine where it would just replace existing systems, where it can really bring some improvement and where it will open new possibilities. The users want to query the content instead of the raw video data. In this paper, we surveyed the art of video retrieval and proposed(More)
In this paper, we proposed a new method for computer dissection on animal as we use a set of techniques from behavioral deformation model. The reconstruction task was break down into 2 main steps: computation of the collision detection and the modeling of the external shape of neck and the four internal arborescence. The computer simulation tool was(More)
  • N.A. Lili
  • 2010
Virtual slaughtering and dissection is a way to learn about anatomy and dissect animals without harming any real-life animals or feeling ill from that nauseating formaldehyde smell. The virtual slaughtering and dissections also have detailed scientific explanations.We are to develop interactive virtual environments that can simulate several common tasks(More)
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