N. A. Jacobs

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noLa reDeLinghuyS (CHSR&D) ega JanSe van renSburg-bonthuyzen (CHSR&D) conference provided an opportunity to share the early experiences of the Free State Department of Health in expanding antiretroviral treatment (ART) in the province. The conference provided the first public forum where parties from a range of backgrounds were able to come together and(More)
Ten patients with disc neovascularisation of various aetiologies were studied to ascertain the origin of their new vessels. Fluorescein angiography was carried out with an image intensified video camera. A retinal artery derivation was demonstrated for the first time and was seen in three cases. Six further patients showed a retinal venous supply, and(More)
A patient with established retrobulbar neuritis and Uhthoff's phenomenon who claimed that his visual acuity improved after drinking beer was assessed by detailed quantitative psychophysical tests. Studies of electrophysiological responses and biochemical levels of blood serum before and after drinking on several occasions were also made. The results of(More)
It has been assumed that the retinal threshold sensitivity profile is a standard which decreases predictably with age. On this basis the significance of relative scotomata is decided on certain types of perimeter. The hill of vision was measured in 128 healthy eyes on the Dicon 2000 autoperimeter. We found a large variation between individuals, with no(More)
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