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The paper gives the results of investigating chromosome aberrations in human peripheral blood lymphocytes due to DNA repair genes, such as hOGG1, ADPRT, APE1, XRCC1, XpG, XpC, XpD, and NBS1, upon long-term exposure to excess indoor radon concentrations. The frequency of chromosome aberrations was found to be significantly lower in the carriers of the(More)
This comprehensive study assessed a number of environmental factors that were potentially able to induce genotoxic effects in man. A set of radiological, physicochemical, and bioindication techniques was used to estimate the quality of water, air, and soil in the places of residence and education of children and adolescents from the boarding school of the(More)
The algorithm for the choice of potentially carcinogenic compounds (PCS) among emitted into air and results of the study, undertaken for realization of this algorithm are presented. The investigation was carried out in Magnitogorsk - Russian town of black metallurgy - in frames of the other study, aimed to evaluation of the influence of atmospheric(More)
The activity of the nano- and microparticles of titanium dioxide (TD) given in doses of 1.6, 40.0, and 500 microg/ml was studied in the cytochalasin B block micronucleus test with blood cells from two donors. It was shown that nano-DT in doses of 1.6 and 40 microg/ml was more active than micro-DT in inducing micronuclei and nucleoplasmic bridges, asymmetric(More)
For the first time the multiorgan karyological analysis of five organs of rats was applied for the study of the cytogenetic and cytotoxic action of the four types of non-contact electrochemically activated water in the 30-days in vivo experiment. The effects of investigated waters were not detected in bone marrow polychromatic erythrocytes. "Anolyte" (ORP =(More)
The study examined the potential genotoxic activity and the impact of artificial air ionization on lifespan. Experiments on Drosophila melanogaster demonstrated that exposure of the lung to negative (5 x 10(4), 5 x 10(5), and 10(6) ion/cm3) and slight positive (5 x 10(4), 5 x 10(5), and 10(6) ion/cm3) airoions generated on the electrodes at direct-current(More)
The paper summarizes the results of 8 genetic and psychological examinations in adults and children, which are aimed at evaluating the genotoxic effects of environmental factors on cultured lymphocytes. Human emotional tension was proved to be directly related to the level of genome damage, to genomic sensitivity to in vitro exposures, and to lymphocyte(More)
Problem of the influence of factors of the industrial city on the hereditary apparatus of its residents has not been fully resolved, because of traditionally in such studies only the pollution of environment components is taken into account. However the existence of a set of contributing socialfactors that modify the genotoxic effects ofpollution, requires(More)
The subjects of the study were 15 volunteers aged 22 to 25 years, who underwent 25 air ionization sessions. The effects of genome instability were evaluated, and correlations between indicators of genome damage (lesions of micronuclei and nucleoplasmatic bridges) and parameters of proliferative and replicative activity (mitotic index, proliferative pool,(More)
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