N. A. Il’ina

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Persistence activity manifested in the expression of anti-lysozyme, anti-lactoferrin, and antihistone factors promoting inactivation of natural anti-infection resistance factors in the body was revealed in Blastocystis hominis protozoa. Activities of these factors were ranged. The frequency of these factors in clinical isolates of blastocyst decreased in(More)
Thirty patients (seven men and 23 women, mean age 35.3 ± 7.8 years) with anxious and anxious-apathic depression were studied. Of these, 24 patients were treated in hospital and six in out-patient clinics. Patients were treated for eight weeks with venlafaxine at doses of 225–375 mg/day. Mental state was assessed using a series of scales (CGI, HDRS, BDI,(More)
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